About us

Our products are made for You who are documentary filmmakers, journalists, small camera crews or creative enthusiasts who all require compact but rugged gear. All of You share the same high expectations, and meeting those expectations is both a huge challenge and great fun. This is what keeps us going.

Designing mindfully is our core value. Our production started off in Estonia, and so we continue to create and build our products all together in our headquarters in Estonia. The whole crew works together everyday side by side so that all problems could be solved instantly and new ideas could rise instinctively.

The Story of Kinotehnik

  • 2009

    LCDVF, was born in 2009 in response to the emerging HDSLR community looking for affordable, yet top quality LCD viewfinder. Our first product became world-famous for its excellent optical quality and iconic design. Now you can capture better images with using LCDVF in front of your Canon, Sony, BlackMagic, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Nikon, Pentax or Sigma camera.
  • 2011

    In 2011 we introduced a broadcast style electronic viewfinder, the LCDVFe, with market-leading refresh rate and power efficiency. The completely self-contained unit was designed for all the cameras and DSLRs that require an add-on external viewfinder with focusing and exposure aids.
  • 2014

    2014 was the next big year when our LED lighting was introduced - World's first most compact Bi-color LED fresnel. Since then, the Practilite fresnels have been the hit amongst wedding videographers, television studios, documentary filmmakers and broadcast crews.
  • 2017

    Continuing to broaden our lighting range. The year we released the greatest LED panel on the market - Practilite 802. Half the size of most panels, yet 50% more powerful.
  • 2019

    We started off with LCDVF, then moved on with lighting fixtures to bring something on the scene that was since missing (we still continue doing that!). Now we can proudly celebrate 10 years on the market and 100.000 happy customers of Kinotehnik!