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“The Practilite 602 is a no-brainer for wedding filmmaking. The lights are small, extremely versatile and the quality of light is superb. Being able to power the lights, control the color temperature and dim the lights from across a room through a mobile device is a complete game changer for us. Having the Practilites in our kit ensures we’ll be able to handle any situation and capture stunning imagery for our clients.”


“The Practilite exceeded all my expectations by also providing the ability to easily connect and control the lights using an app on my phone. This allowed me to dim the lights and change the color temperature from anywhere in the room.  It also made it much easier to work with multiple lights at once.  A very intuitive, smart, elegant, and versatile solution for me and I couldn't be happier with it.  ”


“Using Practilites has significantly increased the quality of our work and production value being on set. We've used the Practilite 802 on dozens of productions, both commercial and creative, and I can easily say that Kinotehnik is clearly going in the right direction. Their products are easy to use, intuitive and innovative; making lighting a scene easier and faster. We're more than satisfied with the Kinotehnik product line, in fact we're eagerly awaiting for more of their products and we highly recommend their lighting system to any film maker who's looking to create more professional and cinematic videos.”


“It's important for me to have something strong and reliable, the Practilite 802's are just that. I can always depend on them. Besides that, I really enjoy how easy it is to control these lights with my phone app to save time.”