It’s The Little Things That Make All The Difference

✅ Fast and Intuitive
✅ Control both Practilite LED panels and LED fresnels
✅ Adjust Brightness
✅ Adjust color temperature 3000K – 6000K
✅ Light intensity linking is available, independent from the colour balance
✅ Button to turn on the 140% @ 4500K Light Intensity Boost Feature
✅Turn fixtures ON/OFF

After downloading the Practilite remote control App make sure you allow connectivity on your smartphone to enable effortless connection and control over one or up to 6 Practilite instruments.

Practilite Remote Control
Practilite Remote Control

To make a connection just tap the magnifying glass with „+“ in it. Repeat the procedure for any remaining Practilites you might have set up.

Launch the App and you will see three channels grayed out, there are three more hidden on the right side of the screen and can be revealed by swiping from right to left and vice versa.

To identify which channel is connected to which instrument just tap the „eye“ it will blink the light associated.

To arrange the channels into your preffered sequence, hold your finger down on the vertical tab in the middle of a channel, it will light up to let you know that’s it’s ready to be dragged into a more logical and easy to remember position. Repeat this to all the lights connected and when satisfaction is achieved.

When all the light are connected and arranged it’s time to set the intensity of each or if you prefer set the appropriate colour balance by taping the „OO“ tab on the bottom. Notice that you can link all or some of the connected lights together to have the same colour balance.

A „Fan“ button which toggles the Boost mode 140% intensity ON/OFF. Please notice that Boost mode is disabled when working on battery power. (Corresponding red indicator lights up on the fixture.)

RAY ROMAN kinotehnik practilite602 weddingfilm
“Being able to power the lights, control the color temperature and dim the lights from across a room through a mobile device is a complete game changer for us. Having the Practilites in our kit ensures we’ll be able to handle any situation and capture stunning imagery for our clients.”

Ray Roman - Wedding Filmmaker