Cinematography is an art. The Practilite special edition with Ray Roman brings the wedding cinematography experience to award winning level.


Light is, in every sense, our eyes. A light that will thrill, amaze and, above all, inspire you to create.

Born out of passion, driven by innovation. Our philosophy has always been to create the highest quality light source that acts as the real sun.

We use science and technology to create lighting sources that acts as a natural imitation of real sun spheres from from dawn to dusk.

Not having good light in a scene can make scenes look flat and unflattering. Highlighted moments with a curated source or light are the key to cinematic style. This will create a visual masterpiece of moving imagery. Knowing what cinematic tools to use and when to use them is the quality of a good cinematographer. Time is the essence while creating a wedding film and portability of the light source is the key to capture those fragile moments.

The Kinotehnik Practilite 602 is a compact, bicolor LED Fresnel light with a variable beam, capable of an impressive spot-to-flood spec of 15-75 degrees for variable field coverage. Small and lightweight, the Practilite 602 also offers wide color variability from 3000 to 6000K to match existing light conditions or for creative effects. The Practilite has a CRI of 96 to ensure faithful rendering of colors down to the subtlest of hues and is designed to work with a smartphone app for remote access. The light has gained a following in the wedding film industry due to being color true, flexibility in spot to flood light and being easy to control remotely through a smartphone.

“The Practilite 602 is a no-brainer for wedding filmmaking. The lights are small, extremely versatile and the quality of light is superb. Being able to power the lights, control the color temperature and dim the lights from across a room through a mobile device is a complete game changer for us. Having the Practilites in our kit ensures we’ll be able to handle any situation and capture stunning imagery for our clients.”

RAY ROMAN kinotehnik practilite602 weddingfilm

Offering power, versatility, compact size, and advanced technology features, the Practilite 802 Bi-Color Water-Resistant Smart LED Panel from Kinotehnik is an ideal choice to create impressive light scenes for wedding videos and photos both indoors and outdoors. The all-aluminum 14.5 x 8.7 x 2″ panel employs 200 LEDs to output the equivalent of an 800W tungsten fixture while consuming just 90W of power.

The fixture has a 30° beam spread that’s ideal for selective lighting, but it also comes with half and full diffusers for situations where wider coverage is needed. Color temperature is variable from 3000 to 6000K to meet any ambient light challenge for creative expression. Sophisticated software ensures that power output is linear regardless of color temperature, while the CRI rating also remains consistent at 97, an indication of accuracy in color rendition, you know – keeping those skin tones perfect!

Versatility is the key during wedding events, and we got you covered here.  Practilite App for tablets and smartphones that features a simple, intuitive graphic user interface (GUI) that permits brightness and color control of up to six fixtures (including Practilite Fresnels) at distances up to 30′. Set up the light and control it behind your camera having your phone on the hand.