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LCDVFBM5 LCDVF Viewfinder BlackMagic 4K and 6K sun hood screen video BMPCC 4K 6K review
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LCDVF Viewfinder BlackMagic 4K and 6K
LCDVFBM5 LCDVF Viewfinder BlackMagic 4K and 6K

World´s first viewfinder for BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Cameras 4K and 6K by KINOTEHNIK is out now.

Ten years of experience in the business of being the leader in the market of optical viewfinders has lead to produce another highly demanded product for the market.

LCDVF turns your cameraʼs LCD screen into a huge electronic viewfinder for precise image evaluation. Compatible with many cameras and monitors with 5’’ screen, the new viewfinder can also be attached to Blackmagic 5’’ Video Assist as well as SmallHD Focus HDMI monitor.

At the heart of the LCDVF BM5 is a computer-optimized achromatic lens pair that is designed to correct the chromatic aberrations and to provide maximum sharpness from edge to edge with no distortions. Its magnetic interface allows rapid mounting and removal without any wear and tear on the camera. All you need to do is apply the adhesive-covered thin metal frame to your camera body and from then on, it’s a simple click-on / click-off solution to attach and remove the viewfinder.

The viewfinder gives you 2x magnification, let’s you shoot in direct sunlight and gives you stabilization in seconds where you need it most. It can be flipped 180 degrees depending on which eye you use for your work.

It’s splash & dust resistant, the silicone rubber eyecup gives you the traditional feel of viewfinders, and to avoid fog on the lens, it’s paired with the original Bluestar Microfibre Eyecushion. Clearly view your LCD through the optically corrected, AR coated lens that is in the heart of LCDVF BM5 optical viewfinder.


Kinotehnik was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Tartu, Estonia, Northern-Europe. Kinotehnik specializes in the design and development of opto-electronic photo and video accessories. Kinotehnik offers innovative, practical solutions for content creation. The products are geared towards documentary filmmakers, journalists and small camera crews, as well as photographers, requiring compact, yet rugged products. Kinotehnik values unparalleled design and usability as well as continuous involvement in the professional community. Kinotehnik’s mission is to design and develop high-quality accessories for a new era of content creation.

LCDVFBM5 LCDVF Viewfinder BlackMagic 4K and 6K
LCDVF Viewfinder BlackMagic 4K and 6K
LCDVF Viewfinder BlackMagic 4K and 6K

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