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Support the ones who care and are mindful about what they do. Recently we received a beautiful gallery from a creative collective who were working in the studio to create media for Estonian conscious and vegan skincare brand Tuul. We haven’t yet seen the final results, but will definitely share the outcome with you once it’s released.

Practilite 802 is an admired fixture amongst creators who are called to work outdoors. Heavy rain, snow, sandstorm…you can shoot a video and control your light everywhere you can imagine! Wait a minute…why not to use the same fixture also in the studio, where you need to control continuous light for a video? Green screen? Yes, we totally back that idea! Simply, just don’t stop yourself to create and explore for more.

Oh, and did you know? Tuul is a thoughtful and organic brand creating skincare products for men! Natural ingredients like black pepper and cardamom are their products’ best friends. They say: “Tuul meets the need to help you look good and feel good”. Practilites, black pepper, and green screen. Are you also working with our fixtures? Let us know where and how you use them, just get in touch with us!

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